Transforming Ordinary Managers into Superstar Leaders

One of the most difficult challenges for managers today is getting the workforce motivated to contribute to meeting organizational goals, targets, and milestones. This article focuses on transforming your workforce into high performing superstars by transforming the Leadership business concept with businessman hand on blackboardmanager. Where to start?

1. Transform yourself as a leader. Seek to involve employees in setting and achieving goals. The transformational leader creates a shared vision for the group and is actively involved with employees. Effective leaders empower their workforce. They adopt principles of trust and teamwork.¹

2. Support but don’t hover. Leaders who empower their workforce to perform their duties without interference or restrictive oversight will gain trust from their employees. Employees perform at their peak when their contributions acknowledged and valued. Clear obstacles impeding success: don’t be the obstacle!

3. Over communicate. Communication is a key component of effective leadership. Managers receive information from multiple sources but may fall short of communicating priority messages quickly or at all! By promptly analyzing inputs and sharing appropriately with the workforce, leaders ensure a culture of inclusiveness and employee engagement. In return, employees feel connected to accomplishments, emerging issues, trends, and innovations that the organization is achieving or pursuing.

Seems too easy? It is! All it takes is repetitive and consistent application of the three tips highlighted in this article and you will soon notice the change in your workforce. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

¹ Kouzes, J. M., & Posner, B. (2003). The five practices of exemplary leadership. In J. M. Kouzes (Ed.), Business Leadership: A Jossey Bass Reader (1st ed., pp. 72-84). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.