Recognizing your Value

How do you see yourself in your organization or team? How does your organization or team see you? Often there is a mismatch of perceptions in the answers to these two questions. I advise my clients before they can react to how others perceive them, they must first recognize the value that they bring to their organization or team so that they have an accurate self-assessment of themselves and their contributions.

Recognizing your value does not equate to conceit or unwarranted pride – it is an acknowledgement of the attributes, accomplishments, and intrinsic quality with which you work on behalf of your organization or team. Most high performing individuals set extraordinary expectations for themselves because they understand the value of their contributions and are adept at finding avenues to increase their impact on projects and the people around them.

Knowing how you create value will help focus your actions and communications and also bring clarity to others in the organization or team regarding the value you add through use of your personal reputation, knowledge, or action. As 2017 nears, take stock of your current value and create a plan for continued growth.