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I am honored to be recognized as the Ebby Halliday Volunteer of the Year. Volunteering is an essential part of who I am. My parents instilled within our family a responsibility to give back at an early age. When I help others, I am helping myself by being open and humble as I share the talent and gifts with which I have been blessed. We all have special talents and gifts – whether it’s the ability to coach, mentor, teach, inspire, motivate, or just make people smile. Consider using your talents to help others today by volunteering in your local communities.

Dr. Rochelle L. Webb

Recognizing Black History Month

3W Consulting Group LLC is proud to be a minority-owned business and pays homage to the groundbreaking work by our ancestors and advocates for race equality that made the opportunity to start a business a possibility; not only for minorities but also for women. We proudly support and partner with other woman-owned and minority businesses.

Celebrate Black History Month

Is Your Business Ready for Prime Time?

Business owners have many challenges to launching their business successfully. Preparation, planning, and persistence are essential to a positive outcome for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. Thankfully, there are an abundance of free resources available that can guide business owners as they traverse the rocky landscape of business.

As a business owner, I must assess continually the status of my business while also maintaining a forward looking approach to grow my business to meet customers’ future needs. –Dr. Rochelle L. Webb, CEO, 3W Consulting Group LLC

Join 3W Consulting Group LLC and Liftfund at a free workshop to help business owners assess their capability and capacity. Learn how to access sales and revenue, time management, marketing and social media efforts, and business operations.

What: Business Assessments
Where: Business Diversity & Development Department
DFW Airport Headquarters Multi-Purpose Room – 1B1002T
2400 Aviation Dr., DFW Airport, TX 75261
When: May 24, 2018; 9 am – 11:30 am

Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month and 3W Consulting Group is dedicating our blog to the achievements of women! Check out these informative websites to read about remarkable trailblazers that still inspire women decades later.

Inspiring Video Montage

Women’s History Month

Images of Remarkable Women Trailblazers

National Women’s History Project

I’m Black and I’m Proud

I’m Black and I’m Proud – the musical lyrics of a song well known by most African Americans. Today I honor Black History Month by affirming that I am black and I’m proud of my heritage and culture.

Negative and divisive politics have divided the nation and pitted Americans against each other based on our national origin, skin color, sexual preferences, and many other differences. I urge all of us to honor and respect our differences. America is great because of diversity.

Let’s all be proud Americans. Let’s acknowledge that we have differences and that our preferences and beliefs do not mean that we are BETTER than another – it just means that we are DIFFERENT and different means DIVERSE.

Let’s work together to ensure that America remains a melting pot of cultures, beliefs, religions, races, and people supporting equality for all!