WiNGS Mentors & Allies

I am honored to be recognized as the Ebby Halliday Volunteer of the Year. Volunteering is an essential part of who I am. My parents instilled within our family a responsibility to give back at an early age. When I help others, I am helping myself by being open and humble as I share the […]

Recognizing Black History Month

3W Consulting Group LLC is proud to be a minority-owned business and pays homage to the groundbreaking work by our ancestors and advocates for race equality that made the opportunity to start a business a possibility; not only for minorities but also for women. We proudly support and partner with other woman-owned and minority businesses.

Is Your Business Ready for Prime Time?

Business owners have many challenges to launching their business successfully. Preparation, planning, and persistence are essential to a positive outcome for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. Thankfully, there are an abundance of free resources available that can guide business owners as they traverse the rocky landscape of business. As a business owner, I must assess continually the […]

I’m Black and I’m Proud

I’m Black and I’m Proud – the musical lyrics of a song well known by most African Americans. Today I honor Black History Month by affirming that I am black and I’m proud of my heritage and culture. Negative and divisive politics have divided the nation and pitted Americans against each other based on our […]